Hey guys,

I get to open for this guy! September 26 at Natasha's Bistro. Be there or be square...don't be square.

"Imagine Russian cowboy music!  Imagine flamenco joined with Balkan dances!  Imagine one guy doing all that while sounding like a whole orchestra!"   -  The Cleveland Sun Messenger

"the rockin'est 12-string guitar since early Leo Kottke"
Austin Chronicle 

"He does everything to that guitar but give it an herbal massage"
Livingston Taylor 

"He came out alone and sounded like everything from a guitar to a symphony orchestra"   Jay Ungar 

"Modern Fingerstyle that's sure to send chills up and down your spine."   "Cool Cleveland"

"For more than 25 years Jacobs has circumnavigated the globe performing his exotic hybrid of gypsy jazz, flamenco, and Eastern European Folk on solo 12-string guitar"  Guitar Player Magazine

"mesmerizing style."   St. Louis Riverfront Times

"brings to mind John Fahey traveling through strange and exotic lands" 
Windham Hill Recordings 

" One of the most dazzling solo performances imaginable"  
The North Coast Voice


Here's Neil being awesome!

Here's Neil being awesome!