Central Kentucky Guitar Night presents...

12 String Powerhouse Neil Jacobs

A masterful performer on the 12 string acoustic guitar with his own ingenious style that the St. Louis Riverfront Times describes as "mesmerizing" and the Austin Chronicle describes as "the rockin'est since early Leo Kottke". Neil covers the world vibe with influences of Gypsy, World, Balkan Folk, Classical and Modern Fingerstyle, while transforming his 12-string acoustic guitar into his own personal orchestra. Neil draws inspiration from his mind-boggling world travels and experiences, and shares his fascinating stories with his audience. 

"For more than 25 years Jacobs has circumnavigated the globe performing his exotic hybrid of gypsy jazz, flamenco, and Eastern European Folk on solo 12-string guitar"  Guitar Player Magazine

"Imagine Russian cowboy music. Imagine flamenco joined with Balkan dances.  Imagine one guy doing all that while sounding like a whole orchestra."   -  The Cleveland Sun Messenger



Chris Weiss is the founder of Guitar Night and a Lexington favorite. Chris is on a mission to ignite the world around him through soul-catching melodies and gut-kicking lyrics. With a sound that's been described as Andy Mckee meets Ben Folds, Chris's live shows break the mold of what people expect to hear from a guy and his acoustic guitar. Chris explains, "Music, at its core, is emotional, and it expresses something that spoken word cannot." His music reaches to the heart of musical expression. It's good nourishment for an expressive hunger, and his is a nutritious plate.

"Chris Weiss is a poet of both strings and words, with exceptional grooves and beautiful melodies." - Mark Kroos (Guitar Player Magazine's "Guitar Superstar")