Hello Music and Broccoli Lovers!

I've had a busy first couple of months this year. For starters, chrisweissmusic.com is up and running! With some help from great friends and my editor in chief, I have a new website! It's a new central hub for all things Chris Weiss Music! I have also started a mailing list, to help everyone keep up with me, where I'm performing, my progress on recording, and various descriptions of my musical escapades. You can sign up for it here: http:eepurl.com/PbT0j  If you sign up for my fancy new mailing list, please know that I will not give away or sell your information for any reason. I will only use the list for updates and information about me and my music.

To make the most of your Chris Weiss Music web experience, scroll down on the home site. You'll find a few recordings of my music and my performance schedule posted conveniently on the first page. If your sharing my music with a potential fan (nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more...) this is a great place to send them. The website's content will multiply magically over the coming weeks and months. Soon I'll be adding a photo page with snap shots of me being awesome and ridiculous. It will likely change your life and make all of your dreams come true. Ok it may not make all of your dreams come true, but it will provide things like, A) an historical account of my introduction to music, B) my writing process, and C) what makes me make the music I make! Don't judge me for alliteration!

    I've also been making great progress on my sophomore album! I'm getting close to the recording phase. The process of making an album is long and tumultuous. So far I've just about finished composing the music, and I've done preliminary recordings in my home studio. I'm now to the point in the process where I'm beginning to weed out the songs that aren't strong enough for the album. Don't worry I'll likely still keep these songs in the live rotation, but some songs shine in the studio, while others find their home on stage. This project is going to be very different from my first release.  Over the last several years I've done a lot of songwriting. I've been getting some great feedback from fans that they really like my singing voice. My mom agrees! As a result, this new project is going to incorporate my singing and my finger style playing.  Think of it as Paul Simon meets Andy Mckee. This project will be on going for the next year or so, with releases along the way! If you're interested in supporting me on this project please let me know! I can't do what I do without your help! Stay tuned for more information on how to give financially to help me achieve this goal, and what you can expect in return for your help!

    One last thing guys...I'm kicking off the new year of performances finally! Check out my schedule page, and you'll see that I'm playing at Natasha's Bistro in Lexington, KY this Thursday, March 6 at 8 p.m. I'll be sharing the stage with fiddle player and song writer, Maggie Lander. On background vocals I'll be joined by the lovely and talented, Megan Weiss (A.K.A. Editor in Chief)! Thanks for all the support you guys have given me over the past 8 years. Every encouraging word has meant a lot to me. Every time someone has been impacted by the music I create it encourages me that I'm on the right track. I'm so excited to see what is to come! Come out and celebrate with me, the new website, the new project, and a year of awesomeness coming!